Auto Accident Injury

Allie Chiropractic Clinic in St. Paul, MN Provides Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Your Allie Chiropractic Clinic Serving St. Paul, MN will guide you on your wellness journey. We offer auto accident injury treatments and advice on improving your spinal condition.

Woman injured in an auto accidentAuto accident Injuries Not Always Immediately Noticed

Sometimes, you might not feel headaches, abdominal pain, numbness and bruising, or neck and shoulder pain until at least a few days or weeks later. This along with post-traumatic anxiety and back pain can interrupt routine functioning. You might want to make sure you receive an examination as soon as possible after the accident to avoid worsening of symptoms.

Common St. Paul Auto Accident Injuries

Common problems people often do not notice when in shock beside broken bones and wounds include torn ligaments and muscles or misaligned joints. You also might experience a ruptured disc, which often occurs somewhere in the spine.

A primary cause of auto accident injuries is whiplash, which involves the thrusting of the head quickly back and forth, usually affects the neck and head. However, it also can result in shoulder and back or even brain injuries. Other injuries occurring after becoming a vehicle accident victim might occur in the legs, abdomen, or hips. You also could fracture some bones or experience an internal puncture wound that could cause organ damage.

How Your St. Paul Chiropractor Treats Auto Injuries

The treatment course depends upon the type and location of the injury. We usually conduct thorough postural screening before we perform one or more of these treatments:

  • Spinal realignments – We use a variety of techniques that reposition your vertebrae back where they belong. These adjustments also can improve joint functioning while reducing pain.
  • Physical therapy exercises – Your St. Paul chiropractor can help you re-train your muscles to move the way they should. You can repeat these rehabilitation exercises anywhere including at home, the gym, or work.
  • Electrical muscle stimulation – Using electrical currents can ease pain and reduce inflammation. It also can accelerate injury healing and improve nerve functioning.
  • Heat and cold therapy – Hot or cold massages and compresses can relax your muscles and reduce stress. Electrical stimulation also can help loosen up your spine to eliminate pain.
  • Nutritional and wellness coaching – Sometimes, just some advice about what to eat and what substances to avoid along with a regular activity plan can improve your health.

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